Fashion Week Ngali

Fashion Week Ngali

After years of lockdown and restrictions in Melbourne, it was time for Australian Fashion to properly shine and for fashion lovers to celebrate. Fashion week 2022 started off with a bang at sunset featuring first nations inspired designer Ngali. Known for their beautiful luxe silks with a unique print adaptation draped silks and layering, its ready to wear but also fashion forward enough for any red carpet. Bringing Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander artwork to the world through its fashion and collectables.

More than a show, this was a celebration of Australia’s first nations true beauty, uniqueness and culture with a nod to the modern. With splashes of colours inspired by the sunsets natural beauty like yellow, orange pink to a navy blue the palette and prints were not only ready to wear, but also a work of art in itself. One of the coolest parts of the look very the Black thick boots with traditional aboriginal paintings on top. Major!

The runway started in silence with creeping sounds of the country including beetles, cicadas clicking and leaves blowing in the wind. The mood: peaceful, calm. Next upbeat music started and the vibe was all about show stopping fashion.

With 24 of the most incredibly beautiful models sashaying down the runway, they made all heads turn with tight braids and mega teased ponytails on some models and natural texture in others using White Sands hair products, exclusively. Models sported 4 braids to keep a really cool fresh look and cool. The look required a wet shiny finish with then matte raw texture added to reflect their natural hair. Working on models with different hair lengths and textures this seemed like a challenge, but luckily we had a stella team and amazing products to work with, we got all the models done in the nick of time.

Key products used to create the look were White Sands Gel-Us for curl control and a beautiful sheen. Next the team used Liquid Texture to keep the braids in place and add a frizz free high shine finish. Followed next with Infinity Finishing spray to make sure nothing moved, especially when the models get changed.

Complementing this look the face featured a signature white paint stripe under the eyes and on the ears and dots on the temples to symbolise the journeys of ancestral spirits that created land, animals, bodies of knowledge and tradition. This aim was for it to look raw and almost chalky. Accents of wet clear gloss was added to the cheeks and lips to replicate water and nature.

The sold out show was incredible and felt like it was over in a flash ending with a deafening round of applause, it was a complete success.

Fashion week day one is done and dusted. Now it’s time to clean our tools, grab a cheeseburger and get some sleep. ready for tomorrows show.

Overall a fantastic night with amazing hair thanks to the amazing White Sands products.

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