One of the most anticipated runways of Fashion Week is the Bella show. An absolute loud and wild party more than a classic runway. Think colour, glitter, bold bright prints and huge tulle gowns. A blend of vintage and current designers, millinery, gloves, shoes and jewellery. Set on the rooftop in the Alto in Melbourne’s CBD with a huge stage and beautiful scenery it was a sell out show, with a packed space within minutes.

With celebrity signer Jack Vidgeon belting out some Chaka Khan bangers and Major influencer model Stefania Ferrario with over 1 Million followers strutting in her Marilyn Monroe style, Ex MAFS star Jules Robinson as guest speaker it was the show to be at! All three with styling using White Sands.

More than a show it was also the event where models competed to win a Bella modelling contract, one of the most coveted in the industry.
With a mix of models of different ages, ethnicities, genders and abilities there was never more of an inclusive event! A definite sign of positive change in the Fashion industry. Each model had their own brief with hair, makeup and styling from disco diva to gothic punk.

Needless to say, it was the dream brief for our Hair and makeup team. Each models look was tailored to their brief and personality. With the wide variety of hair types from afro’s, insanely long bright red hair, mullets, shaved heads etc we had to use products that delivered on everyone. White Sands was the go – to for us. The range allowed us to achieve a look for each model that looked clean, non-flaking and could hold the styles we created for a long time. This was really important for us as the models were getting changed and had hats styled for hours during rehearsals. The great thing about White Sands product are that a little goes a long way.

Our fav MVP White Sands products on the day were definetly Liquid Texture Firm Hold, Gel-Us, Smudge Texture Cream and Orchid Oil for extra shine. The models themselves were also blown away about how amazing their hair looked…..selfies non stop!

Featured all over the press and a sea of Instagram posts the show was a big hit and like all good things, were thoroughly exhausting. Thanks to the talented team of stylists and the undeniably perfectly performing White Sands products.

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