White Sands Hair care
Our products actually work!
With a passion for producing unique products catering to each individual artistic needs, White Sands is a professional hair care company committed to the hairdresser and the consumer.

To help lessen damage so that hair can grow without breaking, I always use a heat-protect spray. My favourite product is White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold spray. - David Babaii, celebrity hairstylist.

For every occasion, every time, White Sands products actually work! Whether you are a consumer or a professional hairdresser, White Sands has you covered!
Created by Fernando Salas, a legend among hairdressers around the world, White Sands remains to this day a family-owned corporation based in California.
Continuing on the family theme, White Sands Australian distribution has been owned by husband and wife team, Wade and Daphne Savage, since 2016. The couple continue to introduce this amazing, revolutionary cruelty-free brand to the Australian and New Zealand consumer market.
While the White Sands brand has been available in Australia for many years as a staple to the fashion industry, top-end stylists, television stars and celebrities, the amazing benefits and styling properties of our products can be used for the everyday, special occasions or for the creatively inspired.
For decades, White Sands has been the go-to styling product for hairdressers, make-up artists, and stylists globally, and the incredible results can be seen everywhere - from catwalks and runways, to commercials and acclaimed TV shows to huge movie blockbusters!
Long recognised as the products of choice for professionals in the hair styling industry, with hold memory, zero flaking, and soft touch finish, White Sands is the perfect product for all occasions - and everyday use!

I need to make sure any hairstyle done that morning is going to be able to withstand anything the actor has to face for the rest of the day. I like to use White Sands Liquid Hair Texture in Firm & Medium to build a strong styling foundation. I love to use this product for everything! - Reqina Rodriquez, Senior Stylist on The Young & The Restless