Casey-Lee face of White Sands Everyday Campaign

Q & A with Casey-Lee, model and the face of White Sands ‘Everyday’ Campaign

Casey-Lee is the face of our ‘Everyday’ campaign for White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray tutorials featured at WSA.HOW. In our Infinity Finishing Spray tutorial for the consumer, Casey-Lee shows our viewers just how easy it is to use White Sands Infinity Spray in your ‘Everyday’ routine. We sat down with Casey-Lee to chat about modelling and how her daily routine has changed since learning how to use White Sands Infinity Spray. 

Casey, tell us a little bit about yourself and the modelling you do?

Hey guys! My name is Casey-lee, I am 24 years old and have been modelling for five years now. I have various clients from fashion to beauty and of course hair with one of my favourite clients of all time… White Sands Australia.

As a model, your hair and makeup would be done by others a lot, how different was this campaign experience when you got to learn on the job?

Usually you rock up at a shoot and everything gets done for you, but with this campaign I had to actually do the steps to myself and on camera, no pressure! I am no hair stylist so knowing I had to style my hair on my own was a little nerve racking, but I honestly found the viewers tips so helpful and easy to adopt instantly at the shoot. It was pretty exciting!

How has being the star of our campaign changed your daily hair routine?

I am super excited to be the face of this campaign! I can really relate to the ‘everyday’ hairstyle and the techniques I learnt from the tutorial paired with the incredible White Sands products have not only made my daily routine easier but my hair is much healthier for it. I am forever grateful!

You were the model in our tutorial video for the professional, with Elesha Rae as the professional stylist. There are a few more steps in this video, what did you learn from being a part of this process?

Before this shoot I had no idea how important shampooing was in this process! It’s the first step and a vital step to achieving the perfect style. It is kind of like the primer in makeup, it prepares your hair for achieving the best results possible.

Anything else you would like to share with our consumers?

I could not recommend the Infinity Spray more! It is the most light weight, firm hold and delicious smelling hairspray you will ever come across. I always take it with me to shoots and encourage the hair and makeup team to use it, if they don’t already. I am so genuinely impressed and in love with this product!

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