White Sands Australia

White Sands – an American brand finding a home in Australia

We live in a global village, and with the age of the internet we can get anything we want at anytime. However in Australia we love our local communities and knowing where something came from. White Sands is a beautiful combination of both these things! The company started in California, and is still a family owned business. They moved into the Australian market years ago and have quickly become the go-to product for hair stylists in the know. White Sands has a huge range of incredible products that deliver with huge results – and they’re all distributed though great local businesses around the country.

If you are a hairdresser, stylist, salon or makeup artist and wish to find your nearest supplier please see our wholesaler page.  

Consumers, if you love our products and like what you see on our website, please contact your local hairdresser or salon. Our products are available through all good hairdressers and salons.

Stay tuned for more news about the White Sands Australia & New Zealand team and what we have been working on.

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